Marathon: Bonus #1 – Audience Questions

Attorney Tom Frizzell returns to dive into submitted questions about the Boston Marathon bombing and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's case. He and Heather sink their teeth into constitutional law as they tackle the impact the case has had on the American legal system, and discuss how many times Dzhokhar may have had his constitutional rights violated.

Marathon: The Narrative of the Case, Part 2

Heather tackles some “alternative facts” about the note found in the boat after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture. Then attorney Tom Frizzell returns to finish up our discussion about the narratives presented about the case in court: what we do and don’t believe, our current theories about the events in question, and what can be expected for Dzhokhar’s case on appeal.

A Scholar’s Impression of the Tsarnaev Motion to Appoint Counsel on Appeal

On February 17th, Dzhokhar's lawyers filed a motion requesting that appellate counsel be appointed to handle the case going forward. This is big news. While I am at work on my next post, I thought it was worth sharing the impressions of the document written by our contributing death penalty scholar, Margo Schulter. To follow… Continue reading A Scholar’s Impression of the Tsarnaev Motion to Appoint Counsel on Appeal

Death Penalty Abolition, Accidental Terrorists, and What’s Next

I cannot stress enough how overjoyed I was at the quantity and quality of responses I received to my previous post about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and what I observed at his trial. In addition to great reasoned and academic responses, I received a number of links to articles and videos to topics that bear relevance to… Continue reading Death Penalty Abolition, Accidental Terrorists, and What’s Next