Marathon: Bonus #1 – Audience Questions

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Bonus #1 – Audience Questions

Attorney Tom Frizzell returns to dive into submitted questions about the Boston Marathon bombing and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case. He and Heather sink their teeth into constitutional law as they tackle the impact the case has had on the American legal system, and discuss how many times Dzhokhar may have had his constitutional rights violated.

Episode Extras

Wicked Local Southborough:
Meltzer: Tsarnaev Should Have Been Tried Under Massachusetts Law

11 thoughts on “Marathon: Bonus #1 – Audience Questions”

  1. Hey Heather and Tom, what are your thoughts on the disastrous Anti Terrorism And Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 and how it might negatively impact Dzhokhar?

    1. Excellent question! This is one I’ve been meaning to pose to my dad for awhile, so hopefully the next time we do a Q&A episode, we can talk about it. Thanks again for all your thoughtful commentary and support.

  2. Oh definitely! Thank you so much and please keep up the good work!

    P.S., you actually did inspire me to get out of my fatalistic mindset. So I talked to two guys, one a former prison inmate and the other, a guy who’s been a pen pal to death row inmates for many years. Now they both think that there is absolutely no hope for Dzhokhar whatsoever and we should just throw in the towel and call it a day. I told them both that they can’t see the future and even if it’s a long shot, trying to get the death penalty abolished, you still have to try. If all else fails, we can at least tell ourselves that we tried and we gave it our best shot. The quitting will always make you wonder.
    And I really wanted to thank you and your father for trying and for inspiring me to try as well. I can’t do much else now except share your blog with as many people as I can, but maybe it’ll do something. I hope at least.

    1. Thank you so much for saying that. You have no idea how much it means to me to know I’ve made a difference. I absolutely agree that failure is only assured if you don’t try in the first place. And every little thing helps! Keep sharing, keep discussing, keep checking in. There will surely come a day when there will be more opportunities for action. I’ll keep everyone apprised. 🙂

      1. So happy that he will be back. He is a great sport and very interesting. I enjoy learning from him very much. He has a fan here! Keep up the great work guys. What a team 😀

        If he comes back for more questions and answers can I ask what he thinks Dzhokhars chances are in appeal?

        Thank you guys for all of your work.

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