Appealcast #2 – Confession is Good for the Soul


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Appealcast #2 – Confession is Good for the Soul

Heather is joined by Tom “Attorney Dad” Frizzell and resident historian Eric Bowsfield to discuss their initial impressions on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s opening appellate brief. Then they take a deep dive into Dzhokhar’s suppressed hospital confession, the contents of which were kept from the public until October 2018, when they were unsealed by Dzhokhar’s appellate team. They look at what’s there, what isn’t, and the likelihood that the entire narrative of this case was created by overzealous FBI agents illegally interrogating a critically injured teenager.

Episode Extras

Court Documents
Opening Appellate Brief and Addendum – brief itself begins on page 625
Unsealed document containing Dzhokhar’s confession, the FBI agents’ handwritten notes, and the FBI’s typed 302s

Referenced Blog Articles
Eight Early Takeaway From Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Opening Appellate Brief
Further Notes on Dr. Matthew Levitt’s Tsarnaev Trial Testimony

Referenced News articles
The Boston Globe, “Defense attorney group goes to bat for Tsarnaev in death penalty appeal
The Boston Globe, “Retired SJC justice joins lawyers backing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s bid for new death penalty trial
The New Yorker, “The Trial of Noor Salman and Its Shocking Disregard For Survivors of Domestic Violence

Episode music: “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod


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