Marathon #6: A Crash Course on Chechnya

In the final installment of our historical series, Eric Bowsfield joins Heather to talk about the history and evolution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s home country, Chechnya.

Year End Update: Tips From Readers and What’s Next for 2017

Thanks to tips from readers, the knit hat mystery is solved, Howie's role in the chain of custody may be clearer, and there is an indication of where the Invisible Person went. Plus, what's coming up next for this blog in 2017.

Reader Q&A #1: Forensic Evidence of Sean Collier’s Murder

The burden of proof is on the prosecution. If there's no evidence found against the defendant, he is therefore innocent; he cannot be guilty simply because a microscopic possibility remains that some evidence against him might have been missed.